The Setting: Avoiding 4 Weeks of Runtime Recently, I was faced with a problem: I had written a rather complex simulation of a discrete time queueing network, and I needed to let this simulation run with some repetitions of the entire simulation, for some varying different parameter values, with many observations (i.e. ~ 2.000.000 observation). The goal was to verify that a new estimating procedure for such queueing networks provides sensible results.

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In a previous post I have shown you how to setup an AWS instance running the newest RStudio, R, Python, Julia and so forth, where the configuration of the instance can be freely chosen. However, there is quite a lot of possibilities of instance configurations out there: There are different instance classes (General Purpose, Compute Optimized, RAM Optimized, … ) and different instance sizes within these classes. For General Purpose, or t2, there are, e.

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Assume you want to start to write R code (a very good decision, in my opinion) and you want to be able to write and test code whereever you are. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one could set up an environment that can be used for R coding independent of any device? Where all you need is a decent browser, a working internet connection and you’re good to go? Obviously, that is the case.

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