On this page I have collected the bibliographic details of all the articles I have written, mainly of scientific (i.e. statistical) nature. I have written almost all of the scientific papers while under contract at a public university, either in Darmstadt or in Heidelberg. I have submitted all papers to journals which are edited and refereed by other scientists in presumably public institutions. Yet, for some reason, the results of the publically funded, publically relevant1 research is NOT officially publically available. This doesn't make sense.

Therefore I have included the DOIs in the bibliography, which make the search on Sci-Hub possible2. I am a big fan of Sci-Hub, and I do hope that at some point in the future it will become obsolete, because all scientific research is just publically availabe legally. Until such time, Sci-Hub is an acceptable approximation; as of this writing, all my articles were available3.

  1. I'm comfortable with the assessment that my own research isn't /that/ publicaly relevant. My point is still valid. [return]
  2. But, you know, ... don't. [return]
  3. ... or so I have heard. [return]