The Final Result Let me start this article by showing you my usage of the functionality described. I work as a Data Scientist and use org-mode in Emacs for a large number of every day tasks. One of them is the documentation of new findings within datasets or other software's documentation or websites etc. In order to easily collect all these informations into a single reference, I like to use screenshots:

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The Setting: Avoiding 4 Weeks of Runtime Recently, I was faced with a problem: I had written a rather complex simulation of a discrete time queueing network, and I needed to let this simulation run with some repetitions of the entire simulation, for some varying different parameter values, with many observations (i.e. ~ 2.000.000 observation). The goal was to verify that a new estimating procedure for such queueing networks provides sensible results.

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Suddenly, Attention So, it seems like my blog is getting some attention. Recently, I was even featured on the front page of Hacker News: Number 17... only 16 more to go! Obviously, I am delighted and flattered by the number of people reading and discussing my blog. But since we're living in a material world, and I am a material guy, I kept on wondering "is there any way to monetize this in an ethical way?

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